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Business Design helps your business to grow faster

DMF Business Design is part of the consulting company Digital Media Finland Oy, which has been successfully implementing management consulting since 2002. Previously, we focused on the changes in business created by digitalization, especially in the media and creative industries. As industry boundaries shift and technologies evolve, our customer base has expanded.

DMF Business Design network combines talented consultants with different skill sets and perspectives. All DMF network people have experience in challenging business consulting cases and solving complicated problems into easy-to-follow roadmaps of actions together with the people at the customer. 

Rarely the cases are alike. Sometimes it’s financing that helps to solve the problem. Sometimes, it’s a technical hick-up; sometimes, the markets have driven past the product or service. Sometimes, the leadership style or the business model needs fine-tuning. By design thinking methods, DMF people can help your company rethink and experiment with new. Business design brings powerful problem-solving and fact-finding tools. 

Because of the various backgrounds and perspectives, the team can tackle various challenges and problems. Once the initial discussion has brought the relevant issues up, DMF sends the best team suited to you.

Please contact dmf@dmfbusiness.fi